The Process of Dying

I haven't had it in me to write about my brother and the experiences that surround his passing since my last post.  I am the queen of avoidance coping, what can I say?  I feel like the record needs to be set straight; however, regarding the details of his death.  Some of the things we... Continue Reading →

Lift With Care

I think I dreamed of my dad and my brother last night.  I can't fully remember if I did or if I just woke up with them heavy on my mind.  Sometimes one is better than the other.  All that I am left with at this point is the question of "when does it end"? ... Continue Reading →


I want to write about my brother.  I have no idea what there is to say. My brother was found, unresponsive, in a public restroom with drug paraphernalia around him.  He had one shirt, one pair of shorts, two shoes, his prison ID and a dollar on him when he was found.  He had none... Continue Reading →

Gone, Brother, Gone.

I have a brother. He is nine years older than me.  He is intelligent and loving.  He makes me laugh and cry.  He makes me hold on to my hope.  He inspires me to be empathetic and understanding.  He makes me want to do more for my fellow human beings. He is an addict.  He... Continue Reading →

Runaway Train

A runaway train.  That's my life.  Right now. Since I last posted I have watched my life slip off it's tracks and go careening at full-speed into a wall of self-sabotage. I know I should be eating healthy.  And I was.  Until about two weeks ago.  Okay, maybe longer.  I am back on the carbs... Continue Reading →

Social Lepers Unite!

Making friends is hard y’all.  It’s even more difficult when you’re married to the principle. As most of you know, we live at a clothing-optional resort here in California.  My husband is the general manager of the resort where we reside.  It’s a wonderful gig and he loves his job.  I love his job and... Continue Reading →

Thank You and It’s Nice To Meet You

I recently started writing again.  Well, I recently started sharing my writing again.  There is this strange thing that happens to me when I share my writing with other people and I’m not sure if it says more about me and my lack of ability to communicate with IRL or… well, that’s probably it.  Anyway,... Continue Reading →

When Will It Be Time?

Another day.  Another school shooting. Welcome to modern day America. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day in the U.S.  The day that Christians once would have celebrated a mysterious Saint Valentine and a day that pagans celebrate as Lupercalia.  Yesterday marked the 89th anniversary of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre where seven of Bugs Moran’s men were... Continue Reading →

The Real Me

When I started this blog I wanted it to be a fresh start. I went public with it to challenge myself and to bring my voice back into the world. The problem is that I seem to have lost my voice. My voice. Throughout the years I have been told by many different people that... Continue Reading →

Humans Should Not Eat Their Young

I happened to mention to some friends recently that I now know why some animals eat their young. Anyone who has children, no matter their age, has had one of those moments where they thought the same or something similar. Don't lie. You know you have. Today I am feeling a little more generous and... Continue Reading →

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