Trying Something New. Again.

Yup.  Again.  I guess it's not technically new.  But it's new for 2018.  Does that count? First of all, I quit smoking.  It's been eight days since I've had a cigarette.  Most people would probably say "I'm quitting" this early on, but I refuse to.  I quit.  End of story.  I'm not picking them back up. ... Continue Reading →

Conquering The Carbs

What does it take to make a person give a shit about themselves? I haven't quite figured this one out yet. It would seem that some people need a small prod. Some people need a swift, firm kick in the ass. And still yet, some others never quite seem to give a shit at all.... Continue Reading →

It’s Not You. It’s Me.

i·so·late verb ˈīsəˌlāt/ 1. cause (a person or place) to be or remain alone or apart from others. I isolate. Yup. I admit it. I isolate. If I'm depressed, I isolate. My depressive episodes are all-encompassing. They are brutal and ruinous and each one that I escape relatively unscathed makes me question whether I'll survive... Continue Reading →

Can You Hear Me Now?

When you are in an “elevated” mood your mind will move faster than your mouth can keep up. But trust me, your mouth will try. Rapid, pressured speech is pretty normal for me when I get like this. Verbal vomit. I just prattle and babble and run off at the mouth about anything and everything.... Continue Reading →

The Happy Honeymooner

Here we are again. We're at the start of a beautiful friendship. Just me and my mania. It always starts out so very... friendly. And positive. No negativity. No hard feelings. That's where we are right now~ the honeymoon phase. Why do I look at it like a happy little honeymoon? Well, let's do a... Continue Reading →

The Real Me

When I started this blog I wanted it to be a fresh start. I went public with it to challenge myself and to bring my voice back into the world. The problem is that I seem to have lost my voice. My voice. Throughout the years I have been told by many different people that... Continue Reading →

Humans Should Not Eat Their Young

I happened to mention to some friends recently that I now know why some animals eat their young. Anyone who has children, no matter their age, has had one of those moments where they thought the same or something similar. Don't lie. You know you have. Today I am feeling a little more generous and... Continue Reading →

Time To Start Over

As you may be able to ascertain from the title of this particular page and some of my previous blog entries, I am fat. Not phat, but fat. Well, maybe I'm phat, too. You'd have to talk to my husband about that one. There's no question, though, that I am fat. I discussed in a... Continue Reading →

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