I Hope You Read This Someday

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Some days I understand why some animals eat their young. My youngest daughter is one of the most stubborn, quick-tempered, dramatic people I have ever met (nothing like her mother at all 😉 ).  She has a tendency to over-react when things are not perfectly in... Continue Reading →


I want to write about my brother.  I have no idea what there is to say. My brother was found, unresponsive, in a public restroom with drug paraphernalia around him.  He had one shirt, one pair of shorts, two shoes, his prison ID and a dollar on him when he was found.  He had none... Continue Reading →

Non-Descript (poetry)

She was not beautiful She did not shine with youth and splendor taught and supple without flaw He thought she was resplendent She was not elegant She did not walk with her head held high sweeping the floor sophisticated and sure He thought she was grace She was not funny She did not possess a... Continue Reading →

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