Thank You and It’s Nice To Meet You

I recently started writing again.  Well, I recently started sharing my writing again.  There is this strange thing that happens to me when I share my writing with other people and I’m not sure if it says more about me and my lack of ability to communicate with IRL or… well, that’s probably it.  Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Jezebel (poetry)

I am jezebel Hear my song I sing of licentiousness of sin and corruption I am jezebel hear my song I sing you to stupor with the sound of debauchery and decadence in your soul I am jezebel hear my song a song of woman of man of mortal and creatures of the night I... Continue Reading →

Non-Descript (poetry)

She was not beautiful She did not shine with youth and splendor taught and supple without flaw He thought she was resplendent She was not elegant She did not walk with her head held high sweeping the floor sophisticated and sure He thought she was grace She was not funny She did not possess a... Continue Reading →

Winter Morning (poetry)

A blanket of white suspended in thin air clinging to all in its path embracing a world of peridot and emeralds Crisp air sting the face and hands burning a reminder of the season at hand into the mind and body of all A stream of light breaks through the gloom amber and pure gracing... Continue Reading →

Summertime Squandered (poetry)

If I could go back to days of sunshine with glittering streams of light thru trembling leaves sparkling upon blades of green Surely I would lie in the sun bask in the glory feel the heat of golden rays of yesterday I would never again squander my time wallowing away my days trapped in my... Continue Reading →

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