I Am Not Afraid


Okay, yes I am.

But here I am.  Staring into the computer screen at my brand new blog~ that I paid for and everything.

What in the hell was I thinking?

This is all my husband’s damned fault.  Well, I mean… yeah, I had the idea.  And, yeah, technically I kinda said I wanted to try it.  And I suppose I might have told him about this site and the prices and such.  It’s still his fault for having faith in me and pushing me to actually pursue something that I love and, you know… for being a fucking all-around decent human being and amazing husband.

So kiddies remember this: when you have read the word “fuck” so many times that you feel yourself channeling your grandmother’s level of admonishment and you finally reach that point where you need to send me an email to tell me just how unladylike I am please address said comments to “James”.

Have fun.


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