Trying Something New. Again.

senior businessman smokes a cigar and does exercise

Yup.  Again.  I guess it’s not technically new.  But it’s new for 2018.  Does that count?

First of all, I quit smoking.  It’s been eight days since I’ve had a cigarette.  Most people would probably say “I’m quitting” this early on, but I refuse to.  I quit.  End of story.  I’m not picking them back up.  They are expensive.  They smell.  They are slowly killing me (and early, I might add).

I feel 99% better already.  I’m not all stuffy-headed.  I can breathe when I wake up.  I’m not wheezing and coughing.  I am not huffing and puffing when I walk anywhere.  It doesn’t feel like anyone is standing on my chest.  It’s ah-maze-ing.  AND between my husband and I (yes, he quit, too) we’ve saved $128.00 to date.  In eight days.  Horrific to think about the money we’ve wasted over the past, what, five years?

Second up: I’m back at the gym.  Okay, so it’s only been two days, but that’s two days of progress.  That’s two days that I wasn’t sitting at the computer for at least an hour.  That’s two days that I spent at least some time acknowledging that I need and want to get healthy.  That’s two days that I made an effort on my own behalf.  And tomorrow will be three.

Lastly, I am determined to change my eating habits.  I have to.  I know the bigger picture, health-wise, depends on it.  What’s the point in quitting smoking or going to the gym if I continue to allow my diabetes to be out of control and my weight issues to run my life?

I will admit this last one is a struggle for me.  I am not good at controlling my love-hate relationship with food.  Actually, it’s more of a hate-hate relationship 99% of the time so I don’t fully understand the addiction to food that I have, but it’s there.  And it’s time I conquered it.  I spent this afternoon looking up diabetic menu plans and healthy (diabetic) recipes.  I adjusted and rewrote my shopping list for the week.  Even my youngest was looking up healthy snacks for me and helping find recipes that I can incorporate into my diet.  (I love my kids!)

I know this can be done.  I know I will need support; more than most others, I’ll admit.  I know I can conquer myself.  I just have to be kind and patient and remain steadfast.  So, tomorrow I will not buy a pack of cigarettes, I will go to the gym and I will begin on my journey to healthier eating to round out the new me.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck, just blinking good luck. I stopped New Years day – it’s still new, I still think about it everyday but I have so much more time and I feel like I have actually achieved something worthwhile. So, I really do wish you (both of you) luck. (I actually calculated once that I had bought and paid for a house with what went up in smoke!)


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