A Toast To A Year of Change

A new year = a new normal.

From December 2017 to December 2018 was a trying time.  Within that span of a year we; my sister, my husband, my kids and myself, lost a dog, a father, a brother, my husband’s step-mom and a nephew.  Death seems to have surrounded us.

2019 has got to be a better year.  It’s already off to a better start.

January of 2019 brings a new job for me (a new, old job… returning to a position I held in the past), my daughter’s completion of high school and a cruise for my husband and I.  And this is only January.

Once upon a time I worked in the office here at Laguna.  I actually really enjoyed the job and was good at it.  It was a position of constant learning and vacillated between dead slow (which is nice sometimes) and crazy busy (always better to pass the time quickly).  I got to meet new people and socialize with people I already know.  I got to see my darling hubby every day at home AND at work.  It kept my anxiety in check.  It was a great arrangement for me.  And then I was offered a full-time position as a counselor so I stepped away.  Now, I’m back.  I’m looking forward to the change in how I spend my time, learning some new stuff and making enough money to feel that I”m contributing to our household (and savings account!!!)

My daughter completes her school career on the 18th.  She’s graduating six months early because she worked hard and earned it.  I have homeschooled my kids for somewhere around six years now and I’m terrified of my life without the daily lesson plans and instruction and quality time with my youngest.  On the flip side I’m excited and looking forward to some time without geometry and economics and the inevitable squabbles with my stubborn child (she kinda takes after her mother).  I look forward to filling my days with my new job and maybe a few hours here and there to do what I would like to do.

The cruise!!! Did I mention that the cruise is free?  No.  Well, it is.  It’s considered a “work trip” so it’s completely covered by our employer.  The only thing we need to cover is spending money.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime.  It’s not something I foresee us ever being able to do again.  At least not now.  I’m super stoked about the trip and completely terrified at the same time.  I’m afraid of water (especially open water), have never been out of the country and have never been on a trip without my kids.  It’s a long trip, too.  We’ll be gone for 12 days.  12 days!!  I’m like 2% scared and 98% excited.  Or maybe it’s the other way around.

In any case, January is clearly kicking off a year of change.  I just hope that 2019 will lead to prosperity, happiness and adventure.  It’s definitely starting off on the right foot.  So let’s all toast to a year of change.



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