In The Dust

Last month I got a notice on my credit card that I had been billed for my WordPress account.  Apparently I had it set up on auto pay.  I looked at it, thought “maybe I should actually utilize it’ and closed my account page without thinking much more of it.  This morning, for whatever reason, I decided to at least make sure that my page still exists and I’m not being billed for dead air.  What did I find?  I haven’t posted since September!  So, basically, I have been paying for dead air.

Having said that, I have no idea what to actually write about to bring my page back to life.  My life, after all, isn’t all that interesting.

What’s happened in my world since September?  I marked another trip around the sun (that makes 44 if you were wondering).  We went on our ‘trip of a lifetime’ to the UK (Well that IS pretty exciting).  We celebrated Christmas and the New Year.  And now here I am.  Totes exciting right?

Right.  So here I am.  It’s January of a new year and a new decade.  Seems this would be a great time for resolutions; lose weight, quit smoking, save more, write more.  Today is the 10th day of said new year-new decade and I really haven’t made much (okay, any) progress on any of it.  I mean I am writing, though… so there’s that.  Kinda.

The one thing I can say I’ve been working on is my “professional” life.  Professional.  That’s too funny.  Professionals are lawyers, doctors, CEO’s, right?  I work the front desk of a resort.  Now, I’m not diminishing the job, the people I work with or my ability to perform in the position.  I’m just throwing it out there:  my position isn’t exactly what I would label a “profession”.

I’ve started thinking lately that I might need to move on to a different path.  Something that’s more…. I don’t know.  Just more.  More challenging,  more fulfilling, more lucrative.  Something with room for advancement and growth.  Something where I feel appreciated and utilized.  More.

I decided to do an experiment.  I started putting my resume out there in to the real world.  I wanted to see how viable I am in the workforce.  I wanted to see if I’m worth the “more” I’m seeking.  I wanted to see how the world reads me.  If the response I’m receiving equates the truth of the situation it’s a big, fat, hard “nope” on all fronts and my experiment is failing spectacularly.

I have submitted resumes to over 50 companies for various positions where I know I would be beneficial and I know I could succeed.  So far… nada.  No bites.   Well, one bite that bit me in the ass (long, hilarious story that I may share at another time).  What the hell has happened to me?  I used to be able to send out three resumes and get three interviews.  Is it the market?  Is it me?  Or is this just the new world? I think it may be a little of everything.  The entire process has changed since the last time I put myself out there.  The world has evolved just a bit over the last 20 years or so and now I’m in a mad dash to catch up.

Let me be clear: this isn’t a “woe-is-me” post.  This is just a middle-aged chick (am I too old to be a “chick”?) lamenting over the fact that the world may have passed her by.   And it’s a reminder to us all that we need to stay relevant.  Stay current.  Update your resume and your life once in a while.  Burst that bubble of contentment.  Listen to the “kids” when they try to teach you something new. And by kids I mean anyone under 30.  Damn.  I really am getting too old for this bullshit.


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