Getting Older Sucks

Gray hair.  Wrinkles.  Creaky ankles and knees.  A sore back.  Hell, I think I’m even shrinking.

Getting older sucks.

Now, I’m not old.  I am what they would call “middle age”.  But damn do I feel… old.

And I’m tired of it.

As those who know me probably remember I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a while back.  I have now been told that my liver enzymes are elevated because I have “fatty liver”.  My doctor says (and I quote):  “You have fatty liver.  The only treatment is to lose weight”.   Whelp.  Okay then.  That was straight to the point.  There’s always that.

What’s a middle-aged, fat chick to do?  Lose some fucking weight would probably be a good starting point.

It’s so hard to do alone, though.  I can hardly get in to ordering boring healthy foods when my husband is sitting across from me eating deep fried mushrooms and a plate full of carbs in one form or another.  Or better yet, my daughter snarfing on homemade mac n cheese.  Let’s see…. mac n cheese or grilled chicken breast with a side of veg?  Hmph

Sooo… my husband just got back some medical/lab results with a message from his doctor to reduce his carbs and to limit fast foods and sugars.  Did I mention that we’re getting old?   Okay, so maybe unhealthy diet and exercise choices are the real culprit here, but I do still feel pretty damned old.

Anyway.  It looks like we are now in this together.  Two hearts and minds are better than one, I suppose.  I think we’ll be a good support system and hold each other accountable.  These are both important when changing your lifestyle.

How do I begin to change my life?  My way of living?  How can I be an inspiration to my husband to set his own goals?  How can I draw inspiration from others to stay on track?  How can I inspire myself?  I’m not completely sure, but I think between my husband and I we can slay this thing.

Something else that helps: community.  Last week I met with a lovely group of ladies from my community to discuss ways to get healthier: mentally, physically, financially, etc.  It was a great meeting.  We all set personal goals and made a pact to exercise together during the week (pool walking is no joke, folks).   My goal for last week: Lose two pounds and meet the ladies for morning exercise at least once.  I actually made it to exercise twice (plan on going a third time on Monday) and we’ll find out Tuesday if I lost any poundage.

My goal for this week will be…. Well, I’m not completely sure yet.  We’ll see what happens on Tuesday and go from there.



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