Lazy. I’m Mrs. Lazy….


…I need a doughnut to call my own….

Well not really.  Well, I mean I do, but…

I am trying a new positive self-talk thing (not positive self-talk like “you’re really good at eating doughnuts).  More like: “I’m gonna rock this weight loss thing”!

Hmmm.  Yeah.  I say it.  And I mean it.  I say it about five minutes before I spread a slab of butter on my two-point slice of Good Seed toast (which is quite delicious, by the way).

Weight Watchers.  Been there.  Done that.  Successfully.  Well, partially successfully.  About 50 lbs into the journey and about 15 lbs from my goal weight I just… stopped.  I quit going.  I started eating crap food again.  I never did pick up the “soda habit” again, though, so there’s that.  But every other food that had been relegated to the corners of my food universe… well, all that shit returned.  The funny thing?  I really wasn’t *missing* any of it.  I really wasn’t.  I didn’t need it.  It was just convenience.  It was there.  It was easy.

I got lazy.

And here I am again.  This time around my goal is 85 lbs instead of 65 lbs because I weight 20 lbs more now than when I started the journey last time.  And how’s it going so far?  Bleh.  It’s a struggle.  I am constantly reminded and aware of what I’m eating and whether it’s a good choice or a bad one.  I just haven’t gotten to the point where I choose the necessary path vs. the easy one.

I’m still lazy.

I’ll get there.  I weigh in again on the 16th of this month.  I hope to lose TWO lbs.  I should lose considerably more in two weeks, but at the rate I’m moving (which is roughly the speed of a herd of turtles marching through peanut butter) I’m shooting for two.  Just two.


May the food Gods and whatever Saint offers us willpower bless me so that the God of the Scales doesn’t smite me.



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