Best Intentions



It’s been over two months since I blogged.  What the hell is going on with me?

You know, I have no idea.

I think it’s all about intentions.  And I have the best of them.  Seems that everything I start (and don’t finish) comes with my best intentions.

This blog, for instance.  I wanted to write.  And write.  And do more writing.  I wanted to reach out to the world for support.  I wanted to support others.  Hell, who am I kidding?  I wanted recognition, too.  So, I jumped right in.  And I was doing *meh*.  Then I started doing less and less *meh* and being more and more negligent.  Why?  I have no idea.  But it was started with the best of intentions (for the most part).

In the past I have started jobs~ and left them.  Started with the best intentions.  Left with my head down.

I have started diets~ and fell off of them.  Started with the best intentions.  Quit in shame.

Hell, these days I start books and don’t finish them.

And now?  Now I have started over on my (supposed) weight loss journey.  I just started Weight Watchers again.  I haven’t done it in years.  I actually have a couple of friends to go with, so that *should* help.  Right?  And I NEED to lose weight for the sake of my health so that *should* help.  I’ve changed my lifestyle in the past and did very well for an extended period of time.  Knowing I can do it *should* help.  I have a goal of losing 80 pounds by next November when we go to the U.K. That goal *should* help.  It’s not an unrealistic goal.  I’m not setting myself up for failure.  6 lbs per month is completely doable and healthy.  See, I tell myself all of these things and I am going in to this with the best of intentions.

We’ll see how it goes.

Wish me luck.

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