Missing The Mark

This last week was, I thought, pretty good as far as meeting my goals.  I ate well, went to the pool for some exercise, made it to my weekly meeting with the ladies.  So you can imagine my surprise when I completely missed the mark on my last goal.

My goals for last week:

  1. No simple carbs.  No bread, pasta, potatoes or rice.
  2. No added sugars in anything.  (Fruit is okay)
  3. Go pool-walking at least 3 times.
  4. Lose two pounds.

No carbs?  Check.

No sugar?  Check

Pool walking?  Check

Lose two pounds.  Ummm…

Well, that didn’t go as planned.  In fact, I gained five pounds.  Five fucking pounds.  How is this even possible considering all the work I did throughout the week?

So, what’s a dedicated, determined girl to do when she doesn’t meet every single last goal she’s set for herself?  Why, cry of course.  In front of people, no less.


I’m not big on crying; especially in front of other people.  That’s besides the point, though….

I realize what I should do (in lieu of being a damned whiner) is suck it up, retrace my steps and keep on keeping on.  I have to take the advice and words of wisdom from the other ladies in group and remind myself that I DID meet all of my other goals.  I AM doing what I’m supposed to be doing to get healthy.  The scales are not the whole story of me.  And add a sprinkling of my own advice: Don’t self-sabotage.

So here I am, setting out on another week of goal-getting and keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not all for naught.  I changed it up a bit this week:

  1.  Go to the gym three times before next meeting.
  2.  Go pool-walking three times before next meeting.
  3.  No carbs/sugar.
  4.  Avoid fruit for two days to see if it’s affecting my BS.

As you might be able to tell I took those mean, condescending, hurtful scales out of the picture for the week.

My week is off to a rough start, but I’m dedicated.  So my little slip-up from this morning  (yes, I already had one… self-sabotage) isn’t going to define or dictate the rest of my week.

Fingers crossed.




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