Spin Me Right Round, Baby

It’s been over a month and I still have no idea what to write about.  I’ve gone over it and over it and nothing exciting or interesting pops to mind.  I guess my brain is just… dry.   Well, except for me obsessing over our upcoming trips out of country.  And bills.  And trying to save as much money as I can squeak out of each check.  And my “newish” job.  And my messy house.  And the fact that I despise winter.  And the fact that I still need to sell my dad’s car.  And taxes.  And did I mention that my house was a mess?  Aside from all that my brain is pretty empty.

It’s almost that time of year when my brain goes into hyper-drive and I start spinning~ hopefully not too far out of control.  I’ve been pretty stable for a good, long while, but I still spin.  I don’t spin so hard as to REALLY disrupt our lives, but I still spin.   My brain races.  I pace around.  I write and rewrite lists.  I obsess.  I jabber away about nothing and everything.  Just repetitive, pointless activities that don’t ever burn off the frenetic energy that washes over me once the sun comes out to play in the spring.  And it’s coming.  The days are getting sunnier (thank gawd) and warmer (not nearly warm enough).

I much prefer the sunny-weather, shall we say “spirited” me to the one that falls in sink with the colder, grayer winter months.   Winter is a bad time for me~ every year.  This winter has been a long one.  It feels like it’s never-ending.  Having said that, even the winter didn’t destroy me like it usually does.  I still slowed down.  My house is dirty.  I’m disorganized.  All I want to do it wallow and loaf around on the couch and never get dressed again.  But aside from my days off I’ve been able to maintain fairly well.  I brush my teeth every day.  I go to work.  I shower somewhat frequently.  Not too bad all-in-all.

Meh.  Anyway, no point in drudging up old posts or points.  For now I’ll just say “Bring on summer, baby”!  Lord knows this girl could use a little sunshine and warm (okay, hot) weather to spin her like a top.

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