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Mental illness; well, any illness, is never by-the-book. Every case will be different and every individual will handle their diagnosis and symptoms differently. Some with humor and enlightenment. Some with fear and isolation. Some like the superheroes that those with a chronic illness have a tendency to be.

Me? I have a tendency to vacillate between humor and isolation in said handling of my bipolar disorder and all that comes with it. Okay, so mostly the isolation part, but I can be humorous, damn it! No, it’s true, you have to learn how to laugh~ at yourself, at life, at your reaction to life. I know, I know… there are times when others aren’t laughing with you. We’ll just not talk about those times right now, though.

What could possibly be funny about bipolar disorder or any of its symptoms you might ask? I’ll be honest~ not a lot in the moment, but if you allow yourself I bet you can look back on some things you may have done or said and find a giggle or two hiding in there somewhere.

Maybe I shouldn’t make light of it. Maybe I should. I don’t know. I just know that I have a tendency to laugh at the most inappropro of times and at the most inappropro things (much to my mother’s dismay) ~ including myself and the various shit I have said and done over the years when I’ve been hypomanic.Ā  And I’m okay with that.

It keeps me sane.

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